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Annual Reports
  31st Report 2017-18  
  30th Report - 2016-2017  
  29th Report - 2015-2016  
  28th Report - 2014-2015  
  27th Report - 2013-2014  
  26th Report - 2012-2013  
  25th Report - 2011-2012  
  24th Report - 2010-2011  
  23rd Report - 2008-2009  
  22nd Report - 2007-2008  
  21st Report - 2006-2007  
  20th Report - 2005-2006  
  19th Report - 2004-2005  
  18th Report - 2003-2004  
  17th Report - 2002-2003  
  16th Report - 2001-2002  
Quarterly Reports
  Shareholding Pattern  
Pre-IPO Information

  Red Herring Prospectus of XL energyLimited  
  IPO Banner  
Other Information

  Notice of Board Meeting - BSE & NSE - 21.05.2019  
  Notice of Board Meeting - 04.02.2019  
  Notice of Board Meeting - BSE & NSE - 05.11.2018  
  Notice of Board Meeting - BSE & NSE - 03.08.2018  
  Notice of Board Meeting - BSE & NSE 06.02.2018  
  Notice of AGM 2017-18  
  Notice of Board Meeting - 13.06.2018  
  Notice of Board Meeting - 18.05.2018  
  Notice of Board Meeting - 06.12.2017  
  Notice of Board Meeting - 06.09.2017  
  Notice of Board Meeting - 14.09.2017  
  Notice of Board Meeting - 05.06.2017  
  Intimation of Adjournment of BoardMeeting-30.05.2017  
  Notice of Board Meeting - 19.05.2017  
  Notice of Board Meeting - 09.02.2017  
  Committees Of Board  
  Terms and Conditions for Appointment of Independent Directors  
  Attendance Slip & Proxy Form 2017-18  
  Attendance Slip & Proxy Form 2016-17  
  Attendance Slip & Proxy Form - 2015-16  
  Attendance Slip & Proxy Form - 2014-15  

Scrutinizer's Report


Scrutinizer's Report 2014-15

Voting Results
  AGM Voting Results - 2015-16  
  Proceedings of AGM - 2015-16  

Appointment Letters

   Appointment Letter - P R Vishnu
   Appointment Letter - Vikas Nayyar
   Appointment Letter - Narender

  Code of Conduct under Corporate Governance

  Whistle Blower Policy
  Notice of Board Meeting  
  Attendance Slip and Proxy Form - 2013-14  
  Code of Fair Disclosure and Conduct - SEBI (PIT) Regulations, 2015  
  Familiarisation Programme to Independent Directors  
  Policy for determining material subsidiaries  
  Policy on Materiality of Related Party Transactions  
  Policy on Related Party Transactions  


XLE maintains itself as a transparent and clear cut company and strives on customer satisfaction. We focus on  building products and not brands. We believe that reputation comes from the kind of work a company does and has to be earned and not marketed. Therefore we are the silent performers who require no attention but receive it through our   continued aim to strive for perfection.


With this said, investors are a key part of our daily operations. Without investors a company cannot grow.Therefore, we value investors to provide us a building block towards achieving our goals and values. We maintain good    relationships with our investors as they have confidence in our products and expertise. We provide simple, genuine  and    feasible solutions to complicated problems in society. It is through this brain storming that we make our investors have faith in our abilities which can be attested through our success in all aspects of our business.

Our Board of Directors, management and employees are committed to upholding high standards of business ethics  and corporate governance. We firmly believe that timely disclosures, transparent accounting policies, rigorous internal control systems and a strong and independent Board go a long way in preserving shareholder trust while maximizing  long-term shareholder value.

Investor Contact:

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer:
Ms. Bhargavi Maheshuni
H. No. 19-66/11/D-4, Laxmipuram Colony, Opp: A.S. Rao Nagar, ECIL, Kapra, Medchal Malkajgiri,
Hyderabad 500062. (T.S.)
Tel: +91-40-2714 5317
Fax: +91 40 27840081
E-mail: cs@xlenergy.co

Share Transfer Agent:
Mr. N. V. K. Mohan
BigShare Services Pvt. Ltd.
E/2, Ansa Industrial Estate,
Saki Vihar Road, Saki Naka,
Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 072
Tel: +91-22-2847 3747
Fax: +91-22-2847 5207
Email: bigshare@bom7.vsnl.net.in

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